Ligaya Apparel's mission is to help you wear Filipino heritage with pride through streetwear.

Filipinos, people that have roots or share the culture of the Philippines, are known for their resiliency, compassion and positive attitude.

Wearing ligaya is about sharing part of our identity with everyone, regardless where our individual life journeys have brought us. Share the culture of the Philippines with ligaya=happiness.

Hello Kababayan!

I'm Christel, a second-generation Filipino immigrant living in Austria. My parents moved to Europe in their late 20s. Growing up, they always made sure that my brother and I live in a home with love and courage, while seeing their resiliency as OFWs.

Incorporating my Filipino roots and the different cultures I have been able to learn from, made me realize that we all have so much to learn from each other. The whole world is truly one melting pot, we can start by spreading that love we have by sharing our identity.

Founder of Ligaya Apparel


Why the name Ligaya?
Ligaya in the Filipino language means joy, delight, happiness. Christel's full first name is Christel Joy, thanks to her brother's creativity the brand name Ligaya Apparel was born.

What products do you offer?
Currently, we only sell t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and a few accessories. We regularly update our collection and welcome design suggestions, just fill out the contact form. Through time, we hope to expand our clothing line. 

Where can I buy Ligaya Apparel clothes?
You can purchase your favorite designs via this online shop. As of now we have no physical clothing store. Through the help of the Filipino community we also try to sell our items through the concept called Pop-Up shop by participating at Filipino Festivals.

What about the environment?
All items are made-to-order and the majority of our apparel is organic. As we offer international shipping the facility that is closest to your region will print your order. This is better for the environment and guarantees faster shipment to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.